She, Her, Hers

5 Elements Pelvic Health and Women's Physical Therapy

Hi! My goal is to help people feel better and function better using careful, thorough assessment to determine how best to do that, then a combination of manual therapy, education, lifestyle modication, and neuromuscular re-education for treatment. I work with men and women with pelvic-related problems as well as musculoskeletal/neuro-orthopedic issues.

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Comfort Kits

Comfort Kits designed by Tamra Winfield-Pace, RN are wonderful for your childbirth year! These items are nurse approved for your wellbeing during pregnancy, great for your birth and keep you healthy during your postpartum time. They are fabulous for a baby shower gift or to treat yourself to things you really need!

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She, Her, Hers

Sarah Kelly

I provide care in the clinic and hospital setting that is patient centered; recognizing that pregnancy and birth are powerful life changing experiences. My practice philosophy is grounded in the art of midwifery where patience and presence are essential elements of care.

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